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vocodeDAO NFT collection Launch Autumn 2022 @MakerFaire

17. 8. 2022

Want to get your first NFT and learn what it's for? Come visit us at http://makerfaire.cz/ 10.-11.9 in Žižkárna in České Budějovice.

You need to be prepared, so don't hesitate to sign up for airdrop today. Fill out the form and get ready to explore our new vocodeDAO project

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Multicultural space in České Budějovice. We are here for all races, colors, nationalities. We don't need fascists and communists. Otherwise, everything's fine. We have nothing against Brno either.

.Security & GPS

Nor will we tolerate drunks and other miscreants who threaten internal security.

You can find us in Budějce, near the train station.

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