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NFT CzechPunks

12. 11. 2021

https://czechpunks.com/ has emerged and is bringing digital art to the Czech table and shaking up digital art in the Czech Republic. Therefore, a collection of 103 NFTs created to commemorate the 103rd anniversary of Czechoslovakia and 80 %s of all ETH collected during the mint will be distributed among its representatives.

We really like the collection and we are rooting for the best ones like Anonymous Punk #58 or RΞSISTANCΞ #39

We minted our first images back in May If you would like to support our group with a digital claim, you can do so on the decentralized marketplace OpenSea :

Our focus is now on connecting NFT with the real world by digitally representing plots or promoting IOT sensor data.

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Multicultural space in České Budějovice. We are here for all races, colors, nationalities. We don't need fascists and communists. Otherwise, everything's fine. We have nothing against Brno either.

.Security & GPS

Nor will we tolerate drunks and other miscreants who threaten internal security.

You can find us in Budějce, near the train station.

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