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Mor4m - Ta Nyny - Live DJ Set

15. 4. 2020



16.4.2020 20:00

Our favourite DJ Mor4m and bring a little dance vibe into your living rooms. I should have called the stream Ta Nyny. So let the neighbors hear the stomping! 🙂

After several attempts we managed to prepare stable conditions for streaming video and audio from .Lab. With this we would like to start a series of music, game, cooking and other streams! If you're interested in doing something, drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram.

The Record

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Multicultural space in České Budějovice. We are here for all races, colors, nationalities. We don't need fascists and communists. Otherwise, everything's fine. We have nothing against Brno either.

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Nor will we tolerate drunks and other miscreants who threaten internal security.

You can find us in Budějce, near the train station.

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