VOCODE - platform for creativity


A pofel garden for nerds and a tech workshop for gastrosexuals. This is how the concept of the .Labu space in České Budějovice could be explained in a nutshell. Vocode? Question and answer. A platform for creativity. A platform for development and creative thinking. A platform full of questions. So, WHAT IS IT?


"Do you have a basement? Could I see it?"

It always kind of pissed me off to wear T-shirts with some meaningless slogans on them. T-shirts like floorball championship 1765 and stuff like that. In 2012, I lit the first sieve and it started. I started making my own shirts. In my basement, where I then started to build the first version of today's .lab.

By gradually discovering different types and technologies of printing, I got to designing patterns, which subsequently led to several collections of clothing.

The carp arrived, the hydro was bubbling

Another of the things I always enjoyed was fish. My journey as a home aquarist not only led to large aquariums, but since I was always interested in the heart of the matter, I became interested in water analysis and more. This led me to aquaponics and I started stocking a small aquarium in my kitchen with a chest of herbs.

The small aquarium then became a 400l tank with Tilapia, which I used to supply the growing containers with tomatoes, kohlrabi, herbs and lettuces. All in the basement. In the same small cellar.

Money 2.0

Modern technology, IT. These have always been my hobbies and work. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, decentralized storage. At the beginning I was very skeptical about these things, but over time, as I got closer to these technologies, I now accept them as part of everyday life. For example, I heat with them and I'm part of a decentralised data repository called storj. I like to keep an eye on emerging cryptocurrencies and technologies that can be connected to smart home and everyday life.


The first version was actually in my basement. But unfortunately there was no room for the development of the vocode platform. The situation wanted a solution and now there is a .lab in the center of České Budějovice. And we are not here just for ourselves. It has come to the point that the small workshop is now a space where not only I create, but many other clever and creative people and maybe even you, readers.

The .lab spaces are not for everyone. You can get here on the occasion of one of the ongoing events, by invitation or by appointment. I'm not banning anyone, but I need to maintain some order. Especially for the sake of the internal ecosystem and security.

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Vocode .lab logo
VOCODE logo short

Multicultural space in České Budějovice. We are here for all races, colors, nationalities. We don't need fascists and communists. Otherwise, everything's fine. We have nothing against Brno either.

.Security & GPS

Nor will we tolerate drunks and other miscreants who threaten internal security.

You can find us in Budějce, near the train station.

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